At Kinson Academy, the education of our children both at home and school is vitally important. 

During Lockdown 3 we require all work to be completed using Microsoft Teams. Every family has been emailed their child/ren’s unique email address/s and password/s. By using this method, children can either work directly on the page or pictures can be added to the Assignments for the teachers to see directly and offer feedback. Sometimes this will involve a TIP for the children to complete, just like they would in school! Teachers are working hard to supply both recorded and live lessons during the day to support the work you are doing at home. Work has been carefully selected to support learning at home whilst matching the work done in school so that children are not left behind.  If you need further help, please use the contact us tab on this website, email us at [email protected] or create a ‘Post’ on Microsoft Teams. 

Here you can view our school Risk Assessmemt for TEAMS use.

Teams Risk Assessment

Information on the Remote Learning we are providing can be found here.

Providing remote – education information to parents

Our detailed Remote Learning Policy can be found in the ‘Document Zone’